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When the Bitcoin concept first emerged around 10 years ago the blockchain technology has grown, changing the experience of gaming for gamers as well as developers. Additionally, it is feasible through other developments like smart contracts and NFT. In this regard, it is possible to have many concerns within his head. What can this do to the market in general as well as the overall cryptocurrency-friendly story?

2021 will surely demonstrate that Bitcoin (BTC) will high sensitive to market trends and macro changes. The greater public’s perception and macro-economic factors helped to boost Bitcoin’s performance. This is in addition to contributing to the growth in the cryptocurrency market.

The cryptocurrency community is aware of the buzz surrounding token non-fungible currency (NFTs). They have assisted in helping many cryptos reach record levels. As a result that, metaverse mania and gaming have played a significant part in the rise of specific altcoins in the cryptocurrency market.

Rising Blockchain Based Gaming

Blockchain based GAMING became popular in the first quarter of 2018 and included “Axie Infinity” the most striking.

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Recently, this kind of game appears to have begun to catch the attention of players interest. Digital asset trading as well as the NFT marketplace provide crypto players an opportunity to earn money from their game. This can achieve through trading and buying items within the game.

Metaverse Hype Train Starts To Ride Onto the Metaverse Currency

In the meantime during the last week, the coin has also sparked interest from crypto enthusiasts. In the wake of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg choosing Meta as his new moniker and the price soaring instantly.

Furthermore that, the meta-universe map has massive participation and personal interactions The most efficient method of achieving this is via games. This is why it’s possible to combine the most popular games and blockchain-NFT. It’s among the most effective ways to draw the attention of users through combining enjoyment and earning.

It is also worth noting that the addition of this new token with the metaverse may see on the index of the metaverse (MVI). The index token is that tracks the price of some well-known and well-established tokens within this class. The index’s performance on the 2nd of November was impressive and reflected a weekly increase of 72 percent.

This is since some of the most reputable businesses have made a decision to focus their attention on games that use collaboration between blockchain and AI. Therefore, more and greater businesses are paying attention to gaming play on the blockchain. Additionally, the gaming market has received massive sums of money since the majority gaming platforms are funded by the top Venture Capital companies. Many have been granted unicorn status this year , as their valuations have risen to over $1 billion.

Although it is growing technology, the industry of blockchain gaming is in its infancy. In addition, at the moment, it’s difficult to predict what the future will bring about with this technology. be applied to games or like gaming experience.

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