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Starting from the beginning of the promulgation of the El Salvador law regarding the accept bitcoin to pay for all purchases. For residents of El-Salvador already have information about their new fiat currency, the digital currency Bitcoin (BTC). And have been with this Lightning Network to buy everything from Big Macs to freshly prepared coffees.

In El-Salvador Accepting Bitcoin Anywhere

Chivo crypto wallet creates by the state to solve some of the first issues of the marketplace and app store. Then, it soared up the ranks of downloads for financial apps on the Apple store. This meet with much praise direct from El Salvador president Naib Keller about accept Bitcoin for all purchases.

Mario Aguiluz, vice president of sales for Mario Aguiluz, vice president of sales at the Guatemalan broker firm IBEX Mercado. The video he posted on YouTube shows the purchase of Starbucks coffee in exchange for BTC. The transaction takes place using his cellphone and a barista from El Salvador can approve the transaction in just a few minutes.

“El Salvador feels like a treasure hunt right now and wants to know who else is accepting Bitcoin,” the man declared. Pizza Hut can now add to the list. Bart Mol, founder and host of the Satoshi Radio Podcast, tweeted about his experience during his time in El Salvador. On “Bitcoin Day” and also his use of “our nodes to return to the Netherlands.”

Numerous domestic companies have taken part, in hopes of not the launch of encrypted business operations. In conjunction with globally recognized brands like Starbucks or Pizza Hut.

Organic “gourmet cafes” and recording studios to clothing brands for women and telecommunications service providers. A large number of local businesses are using social media. The company announced that they are also accepting BTC payments. Dental and dry cleaners are also participating.

Opinion From Immigrant

Novelty Foreign journalists also stated they believed that the Bitcoin consumer activities were an overwhelming success. Michael Seller, CEO of MicroStrategy, a company that focuses on BTC MicroStrategy The company calls Bitcoin in the Lightning Network an “indestructible fund that moves at the speed of light” and so do many other prominent BTC supporters.

“[Now] Competing countries are under pressure to acquire like El Salvador Bitcoin–even if only as a reserve asset–because the structure strongly encourages early adoption,” Edward Snowden is a man who, like Thaler is a major name in Video San El-Salvador accepts. BTC payments are with a few other payments. Someone who is late could regret the decision.

“show Video” friends “new government victory using ATM machines for BTC in trading” for free “BTC can convert to cash,” as announced through the CEO Jack Mallers Strike. Since the company has forged a partnership and cooperation with Bukele and his Lightning Tourism.

But, the voice of opposition is not a small one. As per El Diario de Hoy, yesterday “hundreds” of Salvadorans took on the streets to protest the law. In a “massive” protest, the law was passed to make BTC the official currency starting at midnight.

The same news outlet addressed the privacy issue with respect to software that is issued by the government. According to the report, users must allow Chivo to access their Chivo application to access their microphone, camera as well as storage and contacts.

According to the publication one of the computer scientists, who was interviewed, said: “other digital wallets do not require or request such information” They are not utilized as per local software developers that say they are not secure is a privacy issue and data protection.example.

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