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Although cryptocurrencies’ values have risen significantly in the past three months. Many holders of digital assets will be using their tokens to purchase holiday gifts and Black Friday deals. Bitcoin Black Friday schedule for November 26, 2018. Bitpay, a crypto payments company, has announced that a number of merchants will offer discounts to customers who pay with digital assets.

Bitcoin Black Friday Deals from Bitpay Merchants

Bitpay, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency payments provider. Has announced a list of merchants it is partnering with to offer Bitcoin Black Friday deals to customers who prefer to pay in crypto. Bitcoin Black Friday is a tradition that has been celebrated for years and bitcoiners are always on the lookout for deals each year. Bitpay has announced a number of merchants offering special deals, but some promotions will not be revealed until Friday.

This year, Bitpay merchants will participate in Bitcoin Black Friday. Ace Jewelers (20% selected products) and Apmex (precious metals bullion dealer Apmex) will offer customers the cash price if they pay in crypto. Fast Private Jet will give customers the option to upgrade. Their EUR500 Fast Fast gift card to one that is EUR1,000 when they buy an e-fast gift certificate. Bitpay CEO Stephen Pair explained that there are a lot more customers using crypto payments.

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Pair stated that many people want to live on crypto, and Black Friday presented them with an opportunity to help consumers. Who wish to purchase and merchants who accept cryptocurrency payments. Pair explained that crypto enthusiasts are seeking a way to cash in and spend their earnings on holiday gifts as the bitcoin price continues to rise along with bitcoin cash and ethereum.

Deals from Newegg and Sonic Electronix, Pacsun and Wrist Aficionado

Bitpay also announced that Hostkey would offer a 10% discount on select dedicated server plans. will be offering $70 off every $1,000 Bitpay purchase. Popular eCommerce store Newegg will offer 20% off select orders above $500.

Pacsun, a youth apparel shop, will also offer special deals for Bitpay customers this Friday. Customers who shop at Sonic Electronix with Bitpay. Will be eligible to win a car stereo package upgrade and $100 Sonic Electronix gift cards. Wrist Aficionado offers customers who spend at least $10K $300 on all products.

In addition to Bitpay’s merchants, the web portal will also have special deals. However, promotions for Bitcoin Black Friday shoppers who want to spend bitcoin. At the time of writing, bitcoin black Friday deals are currently not available and there’s a message that states: “coming soon.”

Bitpay itself is also offering a special deal for the company’s crypto card for U.S. residents. Only as it will offer the card for free on Bitcoin Black Friday. Visit the Bitpay Merchant Directory to see the full list.

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