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In the recent crisis of the cryptocurrency market, El Salvador added new Bitcoin numbers to the nationwide Bitcoin USD treasury fund.

2021 was the year dedicated to El Salvador because earlier this country was not an extremely popular nation globally, however, it was decided by Nayib Bukele to adopt BTC as a legal currency has made El Salvador a highly popular cryptocurrency space. In a recent tournament that took place in Tokyo 2020, El Salvador was identified by the symbol Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency market is extremely unstable and the best choice to purchase Bitcoin is to avoid the market. El Salvador also follows the same principle. After 7 September, El Salvador bought Bitcoin in every dump.

We know that an accident took place in space yesterday. In the aftermath of that crash, El Salvador bought a total of 420 Bitcoin. Now El Salvador owns 1,120 BTC in total.

President Nayib bukele has been informed about his country’s Bitcoin buy-in dip via Twitter

Following this tweet, Nayib issued two additional tweets, which hit the lips of Bitcoin opponents.

Nayib posted on Twitter that “we have already made a profit and have just bought Bitcoins”.

In the following tweet, Nayib Bukele attempted to clarify that 1 Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin i.e Bitcoin gonna remain Bitcoin. This is a kind of symbol that indicates cryptocurrency as a means that is used to pay for transactions in the crypto market that were popularly launched by DogeCoin.

In this post, Nayib also explained that El Salvador is getting an advantage by using Bitcoin plus USD funds. Nayib added

“We have the trust fund that is accounted for in USD but the trust fund is funded with both USD as well as BTC. If the BTC component is valued in relation with the account currency (USD) then we are able to take out some USD and then leave this trust in the exact balance.”

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