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New Challenger To Elon Musk Edward Albee, a long-time author, once wrote, “Good, better and best, bested.”

If this could be done over a sufficient time, it would likely replicate the expertise from each main space agency.

SpaceX won NASA’s vote to choose SpaceX to design and operate a Human Landing System for the moon. It appears that Elon Musk agency can enjoy the largest share of public-private collaborations. This position is up for grabs in the next decade.

Other than Jeff Bezos Blue Origin which lost a lawsuit against NASA regarding Musk’s contract with NASA, there are other aerospace companies who have their eyes on the prize. Sierra Space CEO Tom Vice said that the company took a big step towards a competitor in Space Race 2.0. The $1.4 million raised will use to modify the Dream Catcher space car for human crews. It also aims to land on Mars.

Sierra Space is creating the Dream Chaser for a human crew

Crew Sierra Space new $1.4billion raise through a Series A spherical financing. Moore Strategic Ventures and Coatue it manage. According to the discharge, the aerospace agency will make use of the new funds to speed up its launch of the reusable “Dream Chaser”, orbital spaceplane. The Dream Chaser can use in two modes: one to carry cargo and crew space and another for safety functions.

NASA award three options to help with the complicated growth of the Dream Chaser. The contract will allow for cargo resupply flights to the International Space Station. These journeys will begin in the second half of 2022. This funding will also allow the agency to speed up the Large Integrated Flexible Environment Habitat’s (LIFE Habitat) launch. Both the Dream Chaser and the crucial components of a new industrial space station known as Orbital Reef.

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Orbital Reef, a collaboration between Sierra Space and Blue Origin, called is “Orbital Reef”. Vice, CEO of Blue Origin stated during the press release that “We are building a new generation of space transportation systems, in-space infrastructures, and destinations that will allow humanity to build and sustain flourishing civilizations beyond Earth.

“Space provides an environment that is unique and will lead to breakthroughs in areas such as energy, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, fiber optics, and energy. These will directly improve the quality of our daily lives here on Earth.”

SpaceX Starship Will Fly Orbital in January 2022

According to SpaceX, Orbital Reef may be a competitor to SpaceX and a new challenger to Elon Musk. SpaceX through its partnership with Blue Origin. By attracting enough visitors from orbit, Orbital Reef could become a major hub for business in space. While SpaceX may soon become comparable in fiscal terms to initiatives by Blue Origin, Sierra Space and many other private aerospace companies, Musk doesn’t want to be afraid of it.

NASA won the Blue Origin lawsuit and has been in talks with SpaceX since. Musk’s agency has already revealed that Starship, its flagship launch car, will resume tests in December. SpaceX plans to test Starship’s first orbital flight in January according to a Business Insider report. Starship is composed of two phases, the booster (Super heavy) and the spaceworthy vessel (Starship).

Both are powered by Raptor engines. However, the Super Heavy can have 33 while the spacecraft has only six. The real breakthrough is the reusability of each stage of Musk’s rocket. The launch system will allow people to go back to the moon (just recently delayed to 2025), but also to Mars and other places. Sierra Space, Blue Origin, as well as a few other private aerospace companies. Would likely roar from Musk’s Starship rearview mirror, “We’re right behind your.”

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