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Pew Research Center conducted a survey that revealed that 91% of an American citizen at least have some basic knowledge of cryptocurrency. According to the survey, only 13% of Americans had ever heard of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH) or any other cryptocurrency asset.

It was discovered that only 16% of participants had ever invested in one of these cryptocurrencies. It may also be easier to spread information about cryptocurrency market value in 2021.

A Survey of Approximately 10,000 American Citizen Conduct

The study involved a survey of 10,000 American citizen can assess their knowledge and awareness of cryptocurrency. The results showed that 62% of respondents had never heard of crypto assets, while 24% said they were familiar with crypto and had practiced it.

This survey also revealed that 21% of Americans who have lower incomes are at least familiar with crypto assets. About 25% of people with an average income have the same basic knowledge. The poll also shows that 31% of Americans with higher incomes in the United States have heard about cryptocurrency and are using it as an income source.

Pew Research did a similar survey in 2015. The current results show that more people have basic knowledge about cryptocurrency. A Survey of an American citizen at the time show that less than half of respondents had basic knowledge about how to use cryptocurrency.

Crypto Investing Is Not For Seniors

A recent survey found that Americans aged 18 to 29 are the most active age group in the industry. This indicates that 43% of these people have had experience trading or investing digital assets. For women younger than 30, this ratio is only 19%.

The data also shows that approximately 4% of people who have invested in cryptocurrency have left their jobs. They can then pursue cryptocurrency as a way to make a better income.

Research shows that the majority of Americans over 65 don’t want to trade or own digital currency. Only 3% of those in this age group admitted to having used cryptocurrencies, according to the survey.

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