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Are you unsure whether you should start investing on Bitcoin in 2021? Or are you wondering about Bitcoin in 2021? If you want to know about the future Bitcoin price prediction in 2021 then this article will help you to answer those questions.

Here’s a quick fact about Bitcoin: The price has increased by more than 1000% in 2017. This is astounding price growth.

Bitcoin Price Predictions and What You Can expect

When it comes to crypto coins, no one can predict where the future of bitcoin will go in 2021 or even this month. It is because the prices of crypto are very volatile. Unlike traditional markets, Bitcoin and like any other cryptocurrencies are subject of changes and sometimes without unexplainable reasons. This problem makes it harder for us to predict the prices.

When you want to research the value of cryptocurrencies in the future, it is better for you to look at the events in the real world, such as regulations, future roadmap, and more.

However, still the most important stuff for you is to do your own independent research prior to making an investment. Do not buy crypto money just because the price makes you excited to buy or because people tell you to do so. In the end, everyone has diverse opinions about it and it is not guaranteed that anyone can get it right.

Here’s the Bitcoin price prediction in 2021 to help you understand what is going on in the about Bitcoin revolution world.

Forecast from McAfee

Here’s the first forecast of Bitcoin future based on McAfee. This prediction came from John McAfee. For those who don’t know who John McAfee is, he is the creator of the famous McAfee antivirus program for Windows. He is eminent in the cryptocurrency field because he made a lot of crazy Bitcoin price predictions on his personal Twitter page. However, it is found out that the crypto projects paid him over $100.000 to do the forecast.

He claimed that the price of Bitcoin will rise to $1 Million in the future. In my honest opinion, he seems so overly confident about this. He declared that the prediction he made is according to his own price forecast model. The problem is no one knows exactly what his prediction looks like.

The Prediction from Tom Lee

The next forecast of Bitcoin in 2021 came from an analyst named Tom Lee. He works in the organization which deals with cryptocurrencies and research called Fundstrat. He is also famous for discussing about Bitcoin price on Live TV. Lee says that in 2021, Bitcoin will rise up for more than $40.000. He added that the value will boost by 300%.

The Prediction from Fran Strajnar

This prediction came from the Brave New Coin CEO, a research organization dealing with cryptocurrency. His forecast explains that the price will achieve the value of $100.000 by 2019. But that did not happen. His prediction has chance to come true in the 2021.

He claims that Bitcoin are being gradually adopted and it makes more and more people using it to buy and use this crypto coin. When more people use Bitcoin, its price will also increase as well.

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