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If You Want To Be Rich Go Invest – Rich is a subjective term, but it’s clear that those who don’t own bitcoins unknowingly lack the freedom necessary for true wealth. Wealth is owned by a person even though the amount is very large if haunted by a feeling of worry that his wealth will be snatched away at any time by someone and always feels uncomfortable if he leaves his property at home, this is what many people feel.

Undoubtedly, the former millionaires would laugh at someone who provided input on this subject. Stuck in luxury homes on the basis of debt as well as the feelings of discomfort, materialism, and physical wealth that rich people have is very charming. 

The stock market continues to hit all-time highs as the Federal Reserve maintains interest rates low enough and the credit market is liquid enough to keep it afloat. Without this injection of third-party funds, current market conditions would quickly evaporate and become chaotic.

It describes the bank accounts of wealthy Americans across the country. Many believe they are keeping themselves safe by investing their money in various assets, such as equities and real estate. The problem with these markets is that they are essentially dependent on a working currency system for bitcoin to fix. Not many people believe in the benefits of bitcoin itself even though here and there have been debating it.

A stock market crash would wipe out much of the wealth enjoyed by upper-class Americans. The difference between poverty and luxury for many is that investing in stocks carries the responsibility of keeping America “rich.”

If You Don’t Buy Bitcoin

Rich, as I’ve defined, is the freedom and ability to feel secure, which is made possible by one’s wealth, to do what one wants. There may be people who feel they have enough money saved to fit this definition.

How can one have freedom with a stock market cycle permanently looming on the horizon? The credit cycle has forced Americans to accept a programmed recession in the economy, despite the drastic consequences of this failure and explosion. Why do people continue to pursue real estate as a store of value despite the previous market crash in 2008?

Buying real estate as a store of value today is like jumping on the end of an elevator that falls off its axis i.e. experiencing intense pain that occurs in a very short time.

The only way to truly become if you want to be rich go invest, to allow one’s freedom and ability to do what one wants, is to have an uncontrollable, irreversible computer program as the basis of their money. Only through the decentralized nature of the Bitcoin network can one feel safe in defending their wealth. Rich, sure, to entrust one’s entire net worth is the only financial settlement system unable to inject liquidity.

Monetary inflation makes the rich happy, but only in the same sense that alcohol makes a college student with a paper due that night happy. Bitcoin’s deflationary monetary policy is a choice to stay and learn how to make money in cryptocurrency — the safest choice, the safest choice, and the smartest choice. With drunken remorse, wealthy Americans will realize their mistake in neglecting this path of stability. 

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