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Until now, Bitcoin remains to be the most popular recommended cryptocurrency, as well as one of the cryptocurrencies with the highest trading prices and investment values. Most people who are into cryptocurrencies tend to earn Bitcoins by mining.

There are several websites and applications for mining Bitcoins. At the same time, mining requires GPU and other hardware to be strong and have enough space for mining Bitcoins.

As these can be costly to some Bitcoin enthusiasts, here we provide you tips on how to get Bitcoins without mining. Hopefully, you’ll be able to diversify your portfolio with your Bitcoins:

1. Do Freelance Works To Earn Bitcoins

The first thing you’d want to do is to freelance so you can earn Bitcoins without mining.

Now, there are dozens of freelancing websites that provide Bitcoins as well as other types of cryptocurrencies as the payment methods. Use these, along with your skills and work experiences, to freelance and earn Bitcoins for a living.

2. Engage In Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Even though most people comment that crowdfunding websites tend to plant the concept of begging to their users, it is really the individuals’ choices to use the crowdfunding platform.

The same also goes for Bitcoin crowdfunding. Today, crowdfunding isn’t only all about non-profit organizations. For example, you can start posting your Bitcoin needs to fund your Bitcoin-based businesses or startups that will be the first ones in your areas.

Many users are also posting micro tasks to earn Bitcoins on these crowdfunding websites. Be sure to link your Bitcoin wallets to your accounts to participate in these microtasks.

3. Sell Things On Marketplaces For Bitcoins

There are many e-commerces available on website and application versions these days, making e-commerces some of the most friendly platforms, even for you who lack the minimum hardware requirements for mining Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency has been spread worldwide that today there are many e-commerces acknowledging Bitcoin as the currencies for buying and selling. It’s better to sell on marketplaces with internationally-scoped buyers, so your chances of earning Bitcoins without mining will be bigger.

Start by selling things that people need every day, such as clothes and frozen foods. Then, add more products as your Bitcoin marketplaces expand.

4. Trade Your Bitcoins On Your Trading Platforms

At a first glance, trading platforms may look nothing different from Bitcoin mining websites, to a point that some of us may wonder on how to get Bitcoins without mining.

The differences lie in the ability to diversify, and, more importantly, the minimum specs requirements. You don’t need ultra-speedy GPUs to access trading platforms as many trading platforms today are mobile-friendly.

Plus, this way is one of the best ways for you to start earning Bitcoins while having no Bitcoins at hand. The USD currency and CFD trading are the most popular to be paired with Bitcoins. So, you may want to exchange these for Bitcoins and vice versa.

These tips on how to get Bitcoins without mining are some of the tips you can try for fattening your Bitcoin wallets.

Use this article as one of your references to get Bitcoins without mining. So, whenever you feel lost in topping up Bitcoins in your Bitcoin wallets, be sure to read this article.

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