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When bitcoin first appeared in 2009, people could easily buy it only less than 1 cent. But, now the price has already increased a lot. In January 2021, the price has hit almost $42,000.

Ethereum is another digital token. It was first introduced in 2015 and the first price was less than $3. The price steadily rose for more than $1,400 in 2018.

People might think that bitcoin and ethereum are the same, but they are actually different. Before buying one of them, or maybe both of them, you need to know the difference. Knowing it will allow you to predict the risk. When you want to use them for investment, you will be able to know to manage the risk and predict the price raise so the chance of getting the profit is higher.

Bitcoin: What to Know

Bitcoin can be called as the star of cryptocurrency. Currently, bitcoin has the highest attention from many people. They invest their money on bitcoin as it shows increasing price many times.

Not only common people invest their money on bitcoin, but mostly large investors invest their money on bitcoin. It can be a sign that bitcoin can be used as future contracts later on.

In addition, bitcoin is relatively stable compared to other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has been accepted as a means for payment in certain online stores, websites, and even offline shops.

Bitcoin is not unlimited that people can buy it every day. The total amount of bitcoin being traded is only 21 million. That is also one of the reasons why investors choose bitcoin as an investment. Nowadays, almost 90% of bitcoin has already mined.


Ethereum is the second star of cryptocurrency. The market value is %150 billion. When you want to choose between bitcoin and ethereum, you need to know that ethereum has different goal compared to bitcoin.

People use bitcoin mostly for investment. But for ethereum, it is most likely seen as the infrastructure. It has the potential in the revolution of technology and finance. People use ethereum for security trading and also other related field work.

Ethereum has been seen showing more development and it is different from bitcoin. When people mine the bitcoin, usually people who have the most computing power will get it more. But, for ethereum, the one having the right is the largest ownership stakes.

Which One to Buy? Bitcoin or Ethereum?

When you want to decide to buy one, you need to know the different characteristics of the two cryptocurrencies. After that, you need to find a trusted site that sells both items. Then you can arrange to buy it based on your financial condition. But if you find it difficult to determine the two, you can choose between investing vs trading.

Bitcoin can be seen as a lot safer for an investment as it is limited and the price keeps increasing. But for ethereum, you might have a bigger risk, but you also have the chance to get bigger awards. You can buy it based on your needs. Or, if you find it hard to choose, you may consult your choice with your financial advisor.

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